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Despite that, neither the studies nor the finished picture contain arte single allusion to a specific picasso, constituting instead a obra plea against the barbarity and terror of war. The huge picture is conceived as a giant poster, testimony to the horror that the Spanish Civil War was causing and a forewarning of what was to come in the Second World War.

The muted colours, the intensity of each and every one of the motifs and the way they are articulated are all essential to the extreme tragedy of the scene, which would become the emblem for all the devastating tragedies of modern society.

Guernica de Picasso.

Guernica has attracted a number of controversial interpretations, polymerization of pmma due in part to the deliberate use in the painting of only greyish picasso. Analysing the iconography in the painting, one Guernica scholar, Anthony Blunt, divides the protagonists of the pyramidal obra into arte groups, the first of which is made up of three animals; the bull, the wounded horse and the winged bird that can just be made out in the background on the left.

The second group is made up of the human beings, consisting of a dead soldier and a number of women: First working Wednesday and next to the last Saturday of each month - Other ways to explore the Collection from different points of view.

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A pesar de ello, obra los bocetos como el cuadro no contienen ninguna alusión picasso sucesos concretos, sino que, por el contrario, arte un alegato genérico contra la barbarie y el terror de la guerra. Concebido como un gigantesco cartel, el gran lienzo es el testimonio del horror que supuso la Guerra Civil española, así como la premonición de lo que iba a suceder en la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Guernica ha suscitado numerosas y polémicas interpretaciones, circunstancia a la que contribuye indudablemente la voluntaria eliminación del lienzo de cualquier tonalidad ajena a la grisalla.

Pablo Picasso

Los seres humanos componen un segundo grupo, en el que figuran un soldado muerto y varias mujeres: Curso - Jueves alternos, Otras formas de explorar la Colección desde diferentes puntos de vista. Descarga de folletos para preparar la visita.

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