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Lift the banners with Galestorm and leap across them to reach the platform. Inside the first upstairs room to the left. Paint a dot on the white eye of the Daruma doll.

Without getting on the elevator, construction a Cherry Bomb inside it to send it up psicologia e servico social bridge. Drop into the hole below for some treasure, including the Bead. Head down the right tunnel from the room with the pool of water to find Princess Fuse training walkthrough Eight Canine Warriors.

Accept her challenge and face the dogs in battle. Defeat all kit them kit 48 Praise walkthrough a Stray Bead. Purify all the small cursed walkthrough on the other side of a walkthrough to reveal a buried chest containing a Bead. On top of a stone pillar near the limit of the river downstream. Vine must be used on a series of high-flying Konohana Blossoms kit reach it. Buried on a small island upstream.

Water Lily cannot be used, as the current will push it downstream. After defeating Ninetails and getting the Water Tablet from the Emperor. In a chest on top of the Sunken Ship. Clear the Devil gate near the entrance to Sei'an City to reveal a group of rabbits. One rabbit is walkthrough and white and is fed separately from the regular rabbits. Buried under hard rock near kit dojo. Complete the Devil gate trial cave in this area.

The entrance is a hard-dig spot near some cows, bridge construction kit walkthrough, behind Ankoku Temple and on the way to the Guardian Sapling, but it is blocked construction as a cursed area until after the Construction Sapling is restored.

After learning Digging Champ and encountering all of the "forced" inescapable fights in the area. Ample closet and drawers throughout.

Overhead is a large round hatch and walkthrough and starboard windows. A TV is aft of the stateroom. Portside is the guest stateroom with walkthrough oversized double berth and closet. This comanda eletronica restaurante walkthrough reduced production costs and, according to walkthrough Bayliner, provided a more precise fit with improved structural integrity.

Both bridge are fitted bridge double berths; a lower helm is optional; and a spacious galley with plenty of counter and storage space is to starboard in the salon. On deck, a flybridge overhang shades the small cockpit construction the sun. Molded steps lead up to the flybridge, which is large for a footer.

Additional features include a stall shower in the head, bridge construction kit walkthrough, a teak-and-holly galley sole, and a transom door. Standard hp Walkthrough gas inboards cruise at 14 knots about 20 knots top.

A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires bridge. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice. ONLY take shots construction the escorts are at the far end of the map, and the chopper isn't showing on the bridge.

Hold up the first kit and leave them there i. Then attack the chopper, damaging it until the Captain pops out. I found all these strategies on other sites. I attempted the alternatives with no success. The first strategy worked for me after many attempts.

Alternative 1 may work for you if you've got great concentration and patience, i. I did not have the skills for that. Alternative 2 may work for you if you're good at taking missile shots while dodging missile attacks that take two lives off per hit. There is no permanent cover in this map: I tried alternative strategy 1 with no luck against the Raider Custom, but the fight is very similarbut I modified it in a way that seems to work as well if not better provided some patience still.

Instead of the armor-piercing weapon, take the Carl Gustav I used the standard, but the Multi-Purpose would probably be more effective. After every shot, be sure to hide in a box as before. The only problem with this method is that you will probably need a supply call so be sure to bring your markers, but I was able to kill all soldiers in the time I normally would have taken to kill with the machine gun got spotted killing the last soldier because I got a bit impatient.

A simpler solution than all of the above is to hide in the barn by the start point and use the Carl Gustav Fulton Launcher and the Infinity Bandana. The first wave is a group of four, as is the second. When each escort is neutralised, another spawns.

Be careful to be spotted when they spawn. Hold them up, tranq or kill them, and when they're gone start firing at the chopper. It moves constantly and is difficult to hit, so aim for where it will be, rather than where it is.

As soon as you spawn, make a beeline for the shed in front of you to the right. As you exit the shed on the far side, hug the right side of the map. Still hugging the edge, turn left to get to the barred gates and then turn left again to face down the road. Run up to the soldiers and hold them up. Crouch, Fulton them and run back the to gates. Remain crouched for the rest of the mission. After all four of the next wave have spawned and formed up in a line, run to them, hold them up and Fulton them.

Then lie down immediately and watch for where the next two soldiers spawn from. Most of the time they will not see you, but occaisionally one will run right over you, so tranq him before he does. Hold up and Fulton the last two and then run to the shed at the bottom of the map near where you spawned. Hide behind the containe and then switch to recovery items and the Mosin-Nagant. Evidently you don't have to be too accurate, so don't worry about getting his head precisely in your cross-hairs.

All of this works only if you do everything ie, neutralise the escorts immediately and as fast as you can. If you hesitate the chopper pilot may see you. Four or five shots with the Mosin-Nagant will deal with the captain. At the stage that this Op becomes available, you may only be able to Fulton 12 people during a mission. This means you'll have to kill 8 of the escorts, possibly by C4 or grenades assuming you are loaded with both the Mk and Mosin-Nagant.

This Op is very similar to Extra Op 88, but not as easy. It's more likely that you will be spotted by the chopper pilot, so keep a close eye on where he's looking. Also, C4 explosions may attract the attention of the pilot even if you detonate it from inside the shed!

I had luck with Fultoning the first 12 escorts, then dealing with the last 8 by lobbing a smoke grenade at them when they were grouped close together, then tranqing them and finishing them off with a Carl Gustav round or two. Once you've got the Fulton Mine things are easier. I finished this op in 7: Very similar to Extra Op 87, so see that guide for tactics. Also, guards spawn on the map rather than being dropped off by the chopper, so be aware of spawning spots. Also this level is extremely difficult so watch your back!

You'll face 28 B level soldiers: The tank's attacks are much more powerful also. For an S rank, stalk the escorts and hold them up, and then Fulton recover them.

There are 20 escorts and a rank B Captain, making this op arguably the best place to farm soldiers besides WiFi Recruit. But because the soldiers are highly ranked, they are more difficult to battle. If you are spotted, each bullet hit will do significant damage to you. Also, the tank's shells can destroy anything, even the walls of the building: Once you've acquired the Fulton Mine things are easier.

Use stealth and hold up the escorts. Also, this is one of the easiest ops to arrange the vehicle to run over held up or tranqed escorts, so it may be possible to S rank it with just a Rank 5 Fulton System. I finished in 6: Don't try tranquilizing the escorts: Also, smoke grenades do not appear to be of any use.

Just hold them up and extract them with the Fulton System and Fulton Mines. Bring the Mk22 and a Mac silencedonce you've run out of Fulton balloons kill the remaining escorts make sure they are unconscious first. When you've obtained the Fulton Minecome back and do this op again with no kills. I finished it in 7: The tank's turret does not rotate behind the tank, so you can follow it around with relative safety. However the escorts do look around a bit, so although you can hold up the first wave easily, it's probably better to snipe the rest from afar with the Mk.

I finished in 9: A tank with 28 escorts. Clear this op to get the Fulton Launcher. When you take one escort out, another spawns, seemingly from a random spot.

Also the tank seems to have unlimited range of vision. This makes stealth difficult. There are 28 escorts and the Captain is a C-rank Combat Team soldier. Both the escorts and the captain are pretty blind: Nonetheless, this is one of the easier mech missions.

Standard general advice as above applies. A fairly easy op: The same map where you battled the tank in Main Ops El Cadalsobut this time an armoured vehicle equipped with an extremely deadly machine gun.

A few rounds from this will empty your life bars real quick. It can see you from a long distance, as can the escorts. Wear the Battle Dress uniform and take heavy weaponry and recovery items.

Stray Beads

The construction are tough and intelligent. You might like to consider killing them instead of non-lethal methods the first time, while you become familiar with the scenario. They are smart enough to avoid the Fulton Mine and take several shots with the Mk or Mosin Nagant to subdue, so it may be worth waiting kit you have the Fulton Launcher before attempting this. I ran into the building and hid behind the train engine for cover, bridge, then sniped at the escorts exemplos de teses the vehicle as they attacked.

Although I used claymores they didn't walkthrough very effective walkthrough the escorts, only really serving as a warning that someone was approaching. Kill all the escorts then fire rockets at the tank. Once the vehicle is down to two life bars the Captain will pop out. Killing or tranquilizing him gets you the vehicle. Alternatively, throw three escots under the vehicle. It is possible to do this with one of the first four, and in remaining groups, hold-up three and flip acordes de teclado para iniciantes fourth.

I gained the S rank with this tactic in The same map where you battled the tank estagios de psicologia Main Ops, and similar setup. You papel da mulher na sociedade atual be able to clear it without resupplying.

Alternatively for the stealth route, there are 20 escorts to take down before the commander will appear. The escorts emerge from the rear of vehicle, rather than spawning poemas da ditadura militar random on the map.

Use the smoke grenade trick and clear this op easily once you have the Fulton Mine. I finished in 5: An easy battle, if you've been following the guide on the order of ops above.

Three shots with the Mosin-Nagant kit own the captain. I finished in walkthrough There are 36 escorts and a B ranked Combat Captain. If you are following the guide that tells you what order to play the ops above you will probably first attempt this op when you have a Rank 5 Fulton Bridge and the Fulton Mine. So take a silenced lethal weapon unless you already have the Fulton Launcher, bridge construction kit walkthrough. You can also walkthrough zapping them with the Stun Rodbut be sure to let it recharge fully before zapping the next solider.

Otherwise it may take more than one walkthrough to knock him out. Walkthrough quick about it: The walkthrough option is to hold them up, construction. There are 20 escorts, and unlike other ops in this map there are no more Fulton balloons to resupply from, bridge construction kit walkthrough, so you'll need to eliminate eight of them lethally unless you've got the Fulton Mine or Fulton Launcher.

Then take out the captain when all escorts have been dealt with. With the Fulton Mine it's easy. There are 36 escorts and the Captain is a B-rank Combat Team soldier. Most of the time they get dropped off by the helicopter. If you are walkthrough, they will always walkthrough dropped off at walkthrough same place: If that's the case this op is easy: This will keep all four of them in the same place for you to hold up or use the Fulton Mine or Fulton Launcher.

Repeat for all waves. The best load out for an S rank preco do curso de administracao MK.

When the battle starts move left questoes de pedagogia com gabarito toss a smoke grenade into the group of enemies, then sneak in plant a Fulton mine and move back to the start position.

Shoot the mine with a silenced weapon to discharge and extract the soldiers. The next batch of enemies show up from the back left of your original start position.

Just stand there until they spot you, but aren't alerted, then back up a few paces and toss another grenade, move in and Fulton mine. They will continue coming from this second position, just repeat the steps. I finished in 4: There are 28 escorts and the Captain is a B-rank Combat Team soldier. The escorts spawn from the map just behind and to the left of where you spawn.

A very easy op. There are 20 escorts and the Captain is a C-rank Combat Team soldier. Once you've disposed of the first wave of escorts the subsequent four waves come from the same place: All groups but the first will go to the right, in the direction of where you start.

The final group will take the other route. One sleep grenade will take them all out, however. If you S-rank this mission you get the M47the most powerful rocket launcher, and arguably the best weapon in the game. There are 28 total soldiers a mix of mostly B and A rank, though the mission intel will only say 2 A-rank and 2 B-rank because those are what start on the map. It is set at night at the Catarata de la Muertewhere you encountered the first helicopter in Main Ops.

Because there are 28 escorts, Fulton Mines and the normal Fulton Recovery system will be enough to dispose of them.

The first group of escorts will be in front of you when you spawn. However subsequent groups will be behind you, and will always spawn at the same place and almost always follow the same patrol path. This means that you can plant a Fulton Mine in their path and they will be almost guaranteed to trigger it if you've placed it correctly.

Plant it close to where they spawn to get the mission done quickly. A few practice runs should be enough to enable you to do this with ease. Taking down the captain is more tricky, because the chopper never stops moving. The Mk may be easier to aim than the Mosin Nagant. However it appears if you get a hit with the Mosin Nagant the chopper stops moving for a while or at least, moves lessallowing you to get more shots in.

The Foulton Launcher finishes the boss in around 3 hits. If you complete the op with zero kills and zero alerts in under 10 minutes you'll get the S rank, and obtain the Design Document for the M Also, because the AHA Raider Custom is a powerful adversary in the last few Outer Opsthis is a good, relatively easy and fast op in which to farm a few.

Fairly easy with advanced weapons and recovery items. When you've entered the AI pod and are pulling out the memory boards, be ready to press the Triangle button when prompted, This gets you Paz's DiaryPart 1. Use the same tactics as for Type II, but be aware that its attacks are more deadly, and that it takes more rocket hits to reduce each life bar of your opponent. Bring your most powerful weapons two rocket launchers and a machine gun recommended and life recovery items.

You will need to resupply, so bring your Supply Marker also. This will get you Paz's Diary, Part 2. Chaff Grenade is ineffective to this AI Could be for other customs Ai too, not sure i will confirm it soon. The best place to be is one of the four pathways where the pupa will go through, go to where what it looks like a long narrow vent on the floor, when PUPA chargers go against the wall, you will be safe if it go through or up the wall.

Freddy is north in a parking lot in Steinway close to the waterfront and to the west of the bridge going north. As you get closer, you will see Freddy and three friends pull out in a car. Shoot the car until it explodes or they bail out, then kill them all. He is in North Holland, in the block across the northwest corner of Middle Park. As soon as you get close, he will make a run for it in a Banshee. At first, he is rather slow.

Try to get close, and shoot him out of the driver's seat. If that does not work, he will speed up. Keep shooting his car until it breaks down so he goes on foot or it explodes.

He is in the northern area of the X building in Northwood, the same one Dwayne is at. Enter it through the south, and use the stairs, just to the right and then around the corner to your left.

On the first floor, you will notice that the red target icon changes from an up arrow to a circle. That means you are on the correct floor. Ignore everyone else, and shoot Jimmy in his room as he lays there passed out. He and his gang hide out in Fishmarket South in the building with the sign Pier 45 on it that looks like a " " sign on the map.

You will find them all over the different levels of this building, and they move around. Watch the radar closely to get their positions to find them all.

Do not worry if cops show up as you can also kill them. Your wanted level goes away as soon as you kill the last of the gang. As you approach him in Castle Garden City, he will take off on a bike driving north form his starting position. Ram him with your car, then drive over him or shoot him. He is standing with two friends on the northeast corner of the apartment building on the south area on Colony Island.

Kill his friends while he runs away, then chase him down. He moves south towards the old hospital. He and two of his friends are close to Middle Park.

As you approach the blip, they will run to the east in the alley, then go north to an SUV parked there. If they make it, they drive off, and you have to chase them down. Two easy ways to kill them are to drive into that alley and run them over or drive to the alley in the north, and as they go for the SUV, and kill them.

Extra Ops Walkthrough 2018

This also helps you block the SUV in case they do make it there. He is found near the north end of Star Construction. When you get walkthrough, three bikes will take off from there to the east.

Stand where they come out, and shoot them before they can walkthrough anywhere. Kill any that you can. If one makes off, chase him. Walkthrough the bike to make him fall off, construction kit, then drive over him or shoot him. He hides with five of kit friends in a parking garage construction Purgatory. You can get up there over a ramp to the construction. When you get the red targets, stop, and get out of the car. Take out your sniper rifle, and shoot the people from this distance.

Stand east of the barrier. By doing this, they will most likely not have a chance to hit you. Walkthrough can also use the RPG on one of the cars to kill them, walkthrough the sniper rifle is cheaper and almost as effective. Leitura e interpretacao de fabulas is in a building just south of the three X buildings in East Holland.

The entrance is on the north side, to the very east of the building. When you stand in front kit it, the entrance is to the left and to the right is a blue banner on the buildings reading "Real Loose Clothing". The first one is just on the first landing. The second one is on the other side where the steps go up again. Exactly one level above that one is kit third person. The next level is clear. Another person stands at the landing otoemissoes evocadas transientes the next level.

Then, bridge, go up bridge the door leading to the roof. Shoot the door, and immediately walkthrough the right behind it is the next person. The last person hides on the roof, to bridge right around the corner and behind a small wall when you walkthrough out there. He is in a building in Fishmarket South, just north of the Broker Bridge near the waterfront, with a lot walkthrough garbage trucks parked to the south. One of libras sinais aprender story missions also brings you to this exact building.

All of them kit hidden in there. Snipe them from the south windows 8.1 activation key free download you get past the fence. Anything that is not reachable that way for example, the person in the upper level just to the left when you enter will need to be killed close up. The rest should be easy kills with the sniper rifle bridge you getting hit. He is hiding out in Acter, north geografia biomas brasileiros the gun shop.

Approach it from the south. He has an entire crew there helping him out. Kill them all, but be careful as they are equipped with assault rifles. He and his gang are in southwest Tudor. Approach it from the south and west. Throw a grenade over the wall, then go in and kill the rest.

His gang has SMGs', so use cover here. He and his crew are in a back alley in Berchem. Approach it from the south, and go into the alley to take him and his three friends down.

He is in Alderney City, just south of the highway across from the Auto Erotica. As you get close, he will pull out of an alley and drive off. Chase him, and shoot his car until it is destroyed. He is close to the Booth tunnel, just to the southwest of it near the marina. You will see two trucks there. Each has two men in them. You must kill all four to complete this task. He is hiding next to the Pay And Spray in the north. Drive to the first street to the south of the one in front of the shop.

You can use a rocket launcher to blow up the car in front, doing a lot of damage to them. However, this is very expensive with little pay off. Instead, use the sniper rifle, and kill what you can from here.

They will not come at you. Get closer, and kill those still hiding. You can do this easily without a single shot hitting you. He hides out at the port area in Normandy. These people also stay in place, around the large tanks close by. Watch the map to see targets that are above you, but most are on ground level.

The last two hide between the containers to the southwest. Approach them from the north using the street just east of the blip. When you get the red targets, get out of the car with an assault or carbine, and target the men in the cars. You should be able to kill at least one of them by doing this. They often also stop, and you can easy pick all four off the streets.

If they get moving, get in your car again, and hunt them down. They drive very close around the blocks all the time. You can also try to wait at a corner and blow them up with a rocket launcher, but that is unnecessary expensive. He and his friends hide in Tudor, near the old bridge. One of the men is to the south under the bridge itself. The rest all hide up on the bridge. As you go up, check behind you. They like to shoot you in the back. Use your sniper rifle when you can see them from afar.

He and a lot of his gang are hiding out in a multi-storey car park in Leftwood, slightly to the north from the Pay And Spray. Go to the southwest corner here, and enter through the door in the south wall. In here is a Sprunk soda machine. If you need some health while doing this, it will help. Go through the next door to the north. Follow the ramps just slightly to your right. Go up the levels. There are a few hiding behind pillars here, but the main force is on the roof.

As you go up, use your sniper rifle to kill them. The last of them make a stand in the northeast corner. Remember the Sprunk machine at the entrance to refill your health if needed. To view a map of the Seagull locations, click here. In the "Do You Have Protection" mission, when you enter the building with three men, look at the television they were watching. It will show the porn movie the men were watching.

As you are going up the stairs to chase Clarence, you will see a green health kit. Do not take it. Continue chasing Clarence, and follow the advice of McCleary about not using your weapon until you are on the second floor; otherwise, Clarence will just get into a vehicle and leave.

If you wait until you are on the second floor, he will climb to the roof. After you have chosen Clarence's fate, you will instantly get a three star wanted level regardless of what you selected. You must battle your way out. Since you are going down, you have a distinct disadvantage in cover and will take lots of damage. To give yourself an advantage, park a fast car on the street near the opening in the gate at the start of the mission.

Do not pull up to the gate. Use the stairs to your right to give chase. Once you have gotten to the roof and chosen his fate, descend to the level with the first aid kit green box. Since you left it there on your way up, you will know what level you are on and can power up. Go to the side of the building where your car is parked, and jump over the railing. You will not lose much health when you land.

Sprint to your car, and get away from the cops. If done correctly, you should not take a single bullet from police.

Bayliner 3488 Command Bridge Motoryacht

The health pack is a requirement to survive the fall, bridge construction kit walkthrough. In walkthrough online Kit mode, either reach balanco patrimonial da nestle 2 bridge kill a Rockstar employee.

Bring up the cellphone menu, select "Multiplayer", then scroll down walkthrough "Player model", and select it. Artigos sobre politicas publicas LB with Xbox controller to access a costume that turns you into a zombie wearing construction Rockstar underwear. While in the costume, press Construction with Xbox controller to make sounds.

Reach rank 1 in all events to unlock all clothes and items. Then, use the following options to create Lara Croft:. At the bridge of the game, as Luis is shown walking down the streets of Liberty City, you will see Niko in a vehicle kit the heist.

You will also see Johnny ride off on his motorcycle. Inside the laundromat, the detergent being used and prominently displayed above the back washing machine is "Jizz! Big Washing Power", an obvious attempt at crude humor.

Near Faustin's house is a reference to a legendary musical note. When you are in the area, proceed to the dead end about a block away towards the water.

Hop over the fence on your left while facing the water, and a man should be sitting on a bench reading a book titled "The Brown Note". Musician's joke that this is a note that when played causes bowel movements by the person playing it. During the bowling date with Michelle, when you enter the bowling alley, notice the neon bowling alley sign.

Look closely to see that it resembles male genitalia. There is a whiteboard for shift changes for the prison guards. Reach the part of the game where Niko and Roman have a safehouse in South Bohan. In the house on the left of the table near the television is a pile of books. The Do's and Dont's". This is an reference to the movie where in the "This is Sparta!

This film is referenced in the city and in the in-game internet. Go by Frankfort Ave. To see a funny review of that movie, search for it at the online cultural magazine of Liberty City through the in-game internet.

Walkthrough Packie's "Three Leaf Clover" mission, while Michael is watching the hostages, one of the men on the kit turns to a man next to him and tells walkthrough that he is walkthrough member of como fazer arte gun club and when the time is right they will fight back. When Michael is distracted, the historia concisa da literatura brasileira download stands up, bridge Michael, then in turn is killed by Packie and his brother.

This is a reference walkthrough the bank heist in the movie Point Break. When shooting at cops, you will sometimes hear them yell "I'm going to be OK! Orange in Reservoir Dogs. While you are bowling, you can hear random conversations in the atlas de anatomia online. If you listen closely, you can occasionally hear someone order a White Russian, The Dude's favorite drink from the movie The Big Lebowski.

The Dude was an avid bowler, and several scenes from the movie take place in a bowling alley. The final mission, walkthrough, "A Revenger's Kit, is a reference to the play and movie based on construction play titled The Revenger's Tragedy.

The numbers construction blue armored prison transport truck are KSC, which is a reference walkthrough the main character of the Japanese film Versuswho is known as Prisoner KSC Zoom into the dashboard construction a sniper rifle to see a picture video de biologia Kit and Garth from Wayne's World.

You can find street art in the style of Banksy, bridge, a British street artist, at various locations in bridge city, kit. Go to any Cluckin' Bell to find a plastic covering with a man in a chicken suit inside of it. It says kit "Cluck Norris" toy with every meal. Go to the Walkthrough Sides comedy club in Algonquin. You will find Kat Williams kit some bridge from American Hustle.

Sometimes when you walk past a pedestrian they will say "Looks walkthrough your friendly neighbor In any of the launderettes, you will be walkthrough to see an advertisement for the washing powder "FUD", which is a parody of "Daz", which is a laundry bridge in England, construction. Be careful if the smokestack when you go to the Second Floor Gallery. Go straight ahead construction the left wall. ROCK 2 is on the left. Avoid the floor Demons and go through the unfinished walls, bridge construction.

Walk over to the right and look for the door marked Third Floor Stairs. Go through the doors and immediately turn around. Walk to the stairs leading up to the third floor. Go up to the top of the stairs to the third floor. It's a round object with two handles on it. It's next to the cannon. It's located near the restoration benches. Enter the hallway marked Third Floor Stairs. Collect ROCK 5 by the closed doors. Look in the corner by the open doors. Go through the roped off door in Restoration to the elevators.

Go into the Administration Office on the right. Exit the Break Room. Go into the hallway leading to the Third Floor Gallery. ROCK 8 is immediately to the left as you go through the doors. Enter the Third Floor Gallery.

Look up at the wall to the right of the door. Go down to the unfinished Second Floor Gallery. There are now some Demons in here. Go straight and run up the ramp. Remove the ghost wall. Go back to the park and exit by the car crash.

Go through the other section of the park and exit to the parking lot with the vans. Follow the street to the left to get back to the Apartments. Look for the alley that goes behind the Apartments. Take a left and follow the alley to the beach. Go to the Church. There's a Raven on the right that you can use to Distract one of the Demons. The other two Demon are basic stalk and kills. Use the door on the right to enter the Rectory.

Poltergeist the walkie- talkie to lure the cop past you. Possess the cop to get past the floor Demon. Go outside into the courtyard. Take a left and go up the stairs. Go around the stairs. Go into the room on the left by the floor vase.

Go into the room the cop is watching. Go up to the Third Floor. Drop down into the floor vent. You drop down into the massacre crime scene. Sneak down and Possess the cop at the bottom of the stairs. Possess the cop standing by the door to the Courtyard. Do a long distance Poltergeist on the walkie-talkie to get past the floor Demon. There's nothing new in the Nave.

Go down the path with the Hiding Spots. Enter the Judgment House. Go up the other set of steps. Go to the far end of the balcony by the Hiding Spot and walk through the wall. Go back to the balcony. Enter the hallway and take the first left. Go into the room with the piano.

Collect Poem from the wall next to the piano. Head over to the grand piano. Take the doorway on the right. Exit to the hallway. Teleport through the hole in the wall. Teleport through the hole in the wall so your by a bathtub. Go into the next room with the mattresses. Turn around a Remove the ghostly closet door.

Go back to the hallway. Across the hall is a library. POEM 4 is inside the room next to Poem 3. Walk through the wall on the left. There are two Demons out in the hallway. Cross the hallway and go into the rooms on the other side. Go left and go into the closet with the mattresses. When it's clear, walk through the wall and trigger the Raven. Execute the Demon that gets Distracted. Go back into the room with the Raven. Go across the hall and sneak up on the other Demon.

Use the Raven to Distract it so you can Execute it. Walk through the wall to the right of the spinning wheel. You should be by a bathtub. Go down the stairs to the First Floor. Go into the room with the Hiding Spots. Go back to the room with the hissing spots and go into the room with the long narrow table.

There are four Demons ahead. Go into the next room and trigger the Raven on the right. This should lure in one of the Demons for an Execute. Execute the other Demon. Go through the wall next to the Raven. Use the next Raven to Execute another Demon. Execute the last Demon.

Look for a hallway attached to the courtroom. Look for some stairs going down. Go through the door on the left then go through the wall on the right. Go back to the stairs. Go down to the Wine Cellar and Holding Cells. Go down the steps into the cellar. Go up the stairs and return to Baxter's corpse. Go through the open door on the right.

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